Saturday, 15 February 2014

Miss Guided Wishlist.

Hello everyone 
Hope you are all having a nice day. Today I've decided to do one of my favourite types of posts ... A Wishlist. When ever I'm on Bloglovin and I see someone's Wishlist it instantly makes me want to go shopping, I don't know maybe it's just something to look forward to. Everyone loves getting new clothes don't they. I'm definelty one of those people where I like to be organised and write lists and things and a Wishlist is just all the things I want at the moment. 

For the last 2 weeks all I've been saying is I need a new bag and after searching everywhere I came across this one on Miss guided and throught it was cute. And for the two shirts ... Well I just love shirts. 
Flower print cropped shirt - £17.99
Black bag - £19.99
Black shirt - £19.99

Thank you for reading 
Demi x x