Thursday, 6 February 2014

Fragrance Favourites

Hi everyone! 
Today I'm bringing you all a fragrance post, at the moment I'm in the middle of trying different things and just thought some perfumes were needed on my blog.
I've picked out my top 3 perfumes at the minute which are jimmy choo, one direction our moment and lady Gaga fame. 
Jimmy choo - This smells really warm and girly also has a woody kind of smell, perfect for spring.
One Direction- I love this perfume so much. It's has a fruity scent to it and is also very girly 
Lady Gaga- I find it really weird how the actual liquid in this perfume is black but what else would you expect from Lady Gaga? Also really like this perfume.
Once I started writing this post I realised how hard it is to describe a smell haha I tried my best, thanks for reading
 Demi x