Sunday, 2 February 2014

Celebrity Inspiration | Kylie Jenner

Hi all, 
Today I want to talk about kylie Jenner's hair, I aboustley am in love with it. I'm sure you have all seen Kylie's new short hair all over Instagram the past few weeks. Although her long hair was amazing and long before, I think her new short look is working well. Her hair always looks so healthy and fresh but messy (a good kinda messy) at the same time which I am very jealous about, I must admit.

Seeing kylie going from long to quite short has made me think about cutting my own hair if I'm honest, I've been growing it out for a while now but i know from past experiences how short hair can be annoying. Kylie looks like she's enjoying it though as she keeps having it cut even shorter! 
Kylie has even had the bottoms of her hair lightened which gives it the edgy look she always wears. Kylie is my celeb girl crush at the minute, I love her style too.
All the pictures in this post were taken from Kylie's Instagram, you can see even more on there.
Thanks for reading, I'll post again during the week. Comment below what you think about Kylie's new look.

 Demi x