Sunday, 5 January 2014

Review | Lauren Conrad Beauty Book

This book is amazing! I got it for Christmas and I've fallen in love with it, it's that good. It
consists of beauty tips and tricks, fitness, skincare, hair, nails and much more. It completely covers every aspect of beauty there is.

As soon as I began to read the book, I couldn't put it down. All together the book has 12 chapters and includes some personal stories that Lauren has gone through herself. I liked reading about her first photoshoot and seeing her make up looks she's tried throughout the years. 

Chapter One - Finding your beauty
In this first chapter Lauren talks about how we are all beautiful in different ways, we just need to find it. I really liked this chapter it was a great way to start the book instead of just jumping straight into the best way to apply mascara like most beauty books.

Chapter Two - Skincare
This is one of the most important chapters becuase Lauren explains how you need to take care of your skin in order for you to look your best. In this chapter there is a page about 'reading your face', it shows you what your spots really mean.

Chapter Three - Haircare
This chapter talks about how to promote hair growth and the best hairstyles that suit your hair type/face shape.

Chapter Four - Stress
This is a really good chapter. I was so shocked to read how much stress can affect your skin,hair and nails! Luckily, Lauren included ways to avoid getting stressed and how to get all the 'beauty sleep' you need.

Chapter Five - Fitness and Food
This chapter was very helpful for me as one of my New Years resolutions is to eat better and be more fit. It talks about exercise tips and where you can find the vitiams you need.

Chapter Six - Make up Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
This is the part of the book where it actually is make up related. Now we know everything about caring for our skin it's the perfect time to start talking make up and I loved the way Lauren organised this book by having different sections for each step of make up.

Chapter Seven - Everyday Make up
Lauren shows us the make up look she turns to daily and what she uses. It's a step to step guide of how to achieve the perfect face of make up. She highlights how it's all about enhancing your features and not covering them.

Chapter Eight - Party Make up
This part of the book is perfect if you have an event coming up and you want to look your best. It's full of lots of different party looks to try.

Chapter Nine - Everyday Hair 
Lauren shows you how she gets her everyday waves and much more.

Chapter Ten - Party Hair
This chapter includes different party hairstyles to try if your going to a party. They are all gorgeous. 

Chapter Eleven - Nails 
Lauren talks about manicures, nails art and basic nail care. 

Chapter Twelve - Beauty Through The Decades
This is the last chapter In book, it talks about how much beauty has changed over the years and how much trends come and go.

This book is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone, it's helped me with so much and taught me lots of new tricks. Lauren has a range of different books but I'm really exicted to read her style one next. You can buy the book from amazon for £10 
Thanks for reading 
 Demi x