Monday, 12 August 2013

Cloud Nine Straighteners & Wand Review!

Hello guys! So considering I got the cloud nine straighteners and wave wand last year for Christmas I thought it was about time to write a review for you guys. These straighteners are AMAZING  I absolutely love them. I got them in a gift set with the cloud nine wave wand which is also fabulous. Lets start with the straighteners first...

Cloud nine original straightener...  These cloud nine straighteners come in a matt black colour and have a very modern, sleek design. The thing I love about these straighteners is you can control the temperature with the buttons so they don't get too hot like the ghds straighteners. 

These straighteners are very good at curling, waving and straightening, they come with a little hand book to show you how to do different styles which I found very handy ( hahah) to buy the original iron it is £129.29 they have some great deals on at the moment.
I would definelty suggest you try them, they do cost abit but they are worth every penny.

Cloud nine wave wand...
When I first used the wave wand I didn't like it. It came with a heat protect glove but every time I wore the glove the hand would just slip out of my hand. This was the worse thing about this hair tool because when I didn't wear the glove I would burn my hands. But now that I've got used to it and know how to use it I like it so much better. It creates really natural looking waves in your hair that are perfect for summer and I love it. I would suggest people with long hair to use this because that's when it makes the best waves. This wave is £99.95 and at the moment it comes with a free styling brush worth £37. 

Overall these two cloud nine products are amazing and I use them a lot :) 

Thanks for reading, sorry this took so long to publish I've been seriously busy over the past week. Talk soon lovelysss, demi xx