Friday, 5 July 2013

Losing weight and staying healthy!

So I know most of us find losing weight the hardest thing ever but that doesn't mean we should just give up. I have some fitness tips and ways to increase weight loss to help you all get through it. Everyone wants to look perfect for Summer, right? So let's start!

Tip 1 - make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is the most important tip because water will keep you hydrated and also wash out all the bad toxins in your body. It also fills you up more so that you don't feel like eating so much.

Tip 2 - Dont eat after 7pm as your body will not have enough time to digest all your food before you go to bed it also gives you more time to work it off through the day.

Tip 3 - Exercise! Even if it means running. You can make running fun by inviting your friends along so that you can motivate each other.

Tip 4 - use the motivation accounts that are on twitter. Some of their posts are very good and I'm sure will keep you motivated.

Tip 5 - Make a goal. Be sure you know what your working towards and how you want to feel and look this is give you more determination and inspiration.
 Good luck guys I hope these tips helped you and encouraged you to stay healthy and lose that weight you all hate.

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Here is a quick smoothie that you can try:)
               Demi xxx