Monday, 1 July 2013

Hairstyles for summer

Finally, my hair is getting long and i love it! Ive always wanted long hair ever since i could remmeber but i was always forced to get it cut by my mum. Having long hair is such an advantage.....think of all the hairstyles there is to create.

One of my favourites is curls/waves. I think curls are a  beautiful and happy hairstyle to have. When curling my hair i would normally use my straightens becuase i just love the bouncy curls the straighteners make. Once you add some salt spray and hair spray the curls are full and stay in for most of the day this is definelty my go to hair style on a day when i want to make an effort. It would normally take 20 mintues for me to curl my whole head with my straightners but i find that when i use the curling wand it is faster but the curls are more wavey.

Fish tail braids also look AMAZING and are perfect for summer. Some people find fish tail braids hard but they are honestly easy when you get the hang of them.
Step 1- section your hair into two parts, make sure to brush out any tangles or knots
Step2- take a small piece of hair from the right section and move it over to the left section.
Step3- Then take another small piece of hair from the left section and move it over to the right section
Step 4-Just keep doing steps 2 and 3 until your at the bottom of your hair and tie it with a hair bobble
You can then pull out some pieces of the braid to give it that messy and textured look

A messy bun is also a very good hairstyle for them hair wash days we all hate. If your hair isnt looking its nicest just add some dry shampoo and tie your hair into a high messy bun , with the weather getting warmer recently lots of people have been wearing this hairstyle. Its the perfect look for summer!

I hope i helped you find some new hairstyles to try xx