Sunday, 22 September 2013

style ideas in autumn.

It's feels like so long since I have posted anything! I have been so busy starting back at school but I thought I would just post about how excited I am for autumn. It's definelty my favourite time of year (October-December) because of all the different jumpers and hats to wear. I also love layering my clothes like shirts under jumpers with jackets on top.

Jumpers, jackets ,scarfs, jeans are all the things you need to recreate this look.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cloud Nine Straighteners & Wand Review!

Hello guys! So considering I got the cloud nine straighteners and wave wand last year for Christmas I thought it was about time to write a review for you guys. These straighteners are AMAZING  I absolutely love them. I got them in a gift set with the cloud nine wave wand which is also fabulous. Lets start with the straighteners first...

Cloud nine original straightener...  These cloud nine straighteners come in a matt black colour and have a very modern, sleek design. The thing I love about these straighteners is you can control the temperature with the buttons so they don't get too hot like the ghds straighteners. 

These straighteners are very good at curling, waving and straightening, they come with a little hand book to show you how to do different styles which I found very handy ( hahah) to buy the original iron it is £129.29 they have some great deals on at the moment.
I would definelty suggest you try them, they do cost abit but they are worth every penny.

Cloud nine wave wand...
When I first used the wave wand I didn't like it. It came with a heat protect glove but every time I wore the glove the hand would just slip out of my hand. This was the worse thing about this hair tool because when I didn't wear the glove I would burn my hands. But now that I've got used to it and know how to use it I like it so much better. It creates really natural looking waves in your hair that are perfect for summer and I love it. I would suggest people with long hair to use this because that's when it makes the best waves. This wave is £99.95 and at the moment it comes with a free styling brush worth £37. 

Overall these two cloud nine products are amazing and I use them a lot :) 

Thanks for reading, sorry this took so long to publish I've been seriously busy over the past week. Talk soon lovelysss, demi xx

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tanning in the summer!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been on holiday and been really busy but I'm back now. The summer holidays have started I'm so excited for summer especially now that its been really hot in England recently. I thought I would talk about tanning.

Having fair skin myself i find it really hard to tan but I do get a little bit of colour sometimes.
The key to getting the perfect tan is to moisturise. It's good because it will stop the sun from drying out your skin and it will also maintain your colour.

 This is only going to be a short blog post sadly because I am working on a cloud nine review for you guys that will be up shortly. Have a great summer everyone and remember to follow me!  Demi xx

Monday, 8 July 2013

My Favourite hair products!

My hair is very important to me so I try keep it in the best condition possible. These are my number 1 purchases that I have re purchased many times! Comment below and tell me what you think of these products xx

VO5 Ultimate hold hairspray -  I absolutely love this hairspray! It has a good hold and best of all doesn't leave your hair all hard like most hairsprays. I got this from Asda for £3.00 which I thought was fabulous because I'm a huge fan and the bottle is massive it is also weather resistant which is good. This hairspray is perfect for curls and any up-do overall it is an amazing product.

Got2b Guardian angel heat protection-  Everyone knows how important heat protectant is and the one I like to use is the Got2b guardian angel. This lasts for so long I can't even remember when I brought this that's how long it has lasted me and it still has a pretty fair amount left. My hair definitely feels more soft and looks more healthy when I use this product, it's only £3.99.

Herbal essences shampoo & conditioner- no matter how many shampoos and conditioners I use I always find myself coming back to the herbal essences they are just great! The one I'm using at the moment is the red shade beautiful ends, this smells like fruit it is a really girly smell. This type is designed for mid to long hair but they have lots more for different hair types. I love the variety that herbal essence have because if I'm getting bored of the beautiful ends I can always change to totally twisted or hello hydration they all smell amazing! The big bottles are about £3.50 each.

Batiste dry shampoo- Sadly I've used all this product up but that's only because its so useful. 
Batiste have a fabulous range of dry shampoos and they all smell toooo die for and they are a reasonably good price too! Yeah can you believe it only £2.69 my favourite one is the cherry (below) These dry shampoos are perfect for them days when your hair is just looking flat and honestly un attractive, they add volume, texture and a great smell to your hair.
Thanks for reading everyone see you soon Demi xxx

Friday, 5 July 2013

Losing weight and staying healthy!

So I know most of us find losing weight the hardest thing ever but that doesn't mean we should just give up. I have some fitness tips and ways to increase weight loss to help you all get through it. Everyone wants to look perfect for Summer, right? So let's start!

Tip 1 - make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This is the most important tip because water will keep you hydrated and also wash out all the bad toxins in your body. It also fills you up more so that you don't feel like eating so much.

Tip 2 - Dont eat after 7pm as your body will not have enough time to digest all your food before you go to bed it also gives you more time to work it off through the day.

Tip 3 - Exercise! Even if it means running. You can make running fun by inviting your friends along so that you can motivate each other.

Tip 4 - use the motivation accounts that are on twitter. Some of their posts are very good and I'm sure will keep you motivated.

Tip 5 - Make a goal. Be sure you know what your working towards and how you want to feel and look this is give you more determination and inspiration.
 Good luck guys I hope these tips helped you and encouraged you to stay healthy and lose that weight you all hate.

Never any more advice tweet me... @beautykiss14  
Here is a quick smoothie that you can try:)
               Demi xxx

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pretty pastels

Hey everyone! Its time to talk nails. Recently i have been loving the Barry M jelly nail paints they have such great shine and last for a long time without getting chipped. The colour range is so varied from pretty bright oranges to dark purples.

They are avaible in boots and super drug in the uk. These nail polishes are abouslety bargains for the price £3.99 (jelly type) and only £2.99 (original) i am definelty going to be picking more of these perfect pastels.
I love this purple colour its so pretty and the perfect colour to wear all year round. Got some exciting news for you all i have created a twitter account for beauty kiss go and follow me @beautykiss14
Thank you for reading everyone, see you soon x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Hairstyles for summer

Finally, my hair is getting long and i love it! Ive always wanted long hair ever since i could remmeber but i was always forced to get it cut by my mum. Having long hair is such an advantage.....think of all the hairstyles there is to create.

One of my favourites is curls/waves. I think curls are a  beautiful and happy hairstyle to have. When curling my hair i would normally use my straightens becuase i just love the bouncy curls the straighteners make. Once you add some salt spray and hair spray the curls are full and stay in for most of the day this is definelty my go to hair style on a day when i want to make an effort. It would normally take 20 mintues for me to curl my whole head with my straightners but i find that when i use the curling wand it is faster but the curls are more wavey.

Fish tail braids also look AMAZING and are perfect for summer. Some people find fish tail braids hard but they are honestly easy when you get the hang of them.
Step 1- section your hair into two parts, make sure to brush out any tangles or knots
Step2- take a small piece of hair from the right section and move it over to the left section.
Step3- Then take another small piece of hair from the left section and move it over to the right section
Step 4-Just keep doing steps 2 and 3 until your at the bottom of your hair and tie it with a hair bobble
You can then pull out some pieces of the braid to give it that messy and textured look

A messy bun is also a very good hairstyle for them hair wash days we all hate. If your hair isnt looking its nicest just add some dry shampoo and tie your hair into a high messy bun , with the weather getting warmer recently lots of people have been wearing this hairstyle. Its the perfect look for summer!

I hope i helped you find some new hairstyles to try xx